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Office Cleaning

At Chris Cleaning we also serve different types of offices and within our website we provide several formats of cleaning, so that each client can choose the one that best fits their needs. We know that each office has its particularity and in order to meet the needs of each client, our team is highly trained to serve these clients and understand every concern they may have in obtaining a personalized cleaning. Your office is a business card and it is extremely important to have it organized and clean, in order to show your client how organized your company is. Count on us for your cleaning needs.

Airbnb Cleaning

It may seem simple to deal with issues related to cleaning your “vacation rental”, but many people imagine that it’s just doing something similar to what is done at home. However, it is not quite like that.

The Airbnb platform is super strict about cleaning. The subject “cleanliness” is one of the most recurrent topics in negative reviews. This has a direct impact on conquering new bookings. We know you wouldn’t stay at a location that has received public complaints about poor sanitation. That’s why we care a lot about it.

Now that you are aware of the importance of a cleaning service for vacation rentals, get to know: Chris Cleaning professional service, we have a specialized team to perform the tasks and leave your business ready to receive only positive reviews!

Windows Cleaning

Maintaining the external windows cleaned and shiny is not the easiest task, especially if the window has mosquito screens.

At this time, it is good to have specialized professionals in the segment, who are qualified to perform these services with complete safety and with the right equipment and products. Count on the Chris Cleaning team, we perform the cleaning of external glass up to 2 floors and also the cleaning of your protective screen with agility and safety.

Garage Pressure Washing

The garage is often overlooked or left out of the cleaning schedule as it is still seen as just a storage space. Because of that, cobwebs and dirt leaves the space unpleasant. These environments, where there is frequent movement, a simple cleaning is not enough. A specific and dedicated cleaning is required for the type of surface and dirt that has been accumulating in place.. Chris Cleaning has a pressure garage cleaning service, performed by trained professionals and appropriate equipment. Include this service in your schedule. A specialized team is at your disposal.

Grout Cleaning

When we started our cleaning services, we realized the need to have a specific cleaning of the tile grout, especially in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. By cleaning your tile grout it will give a new life to your floor and an air of lightness and clearness. At Chris Cleaning we offer two different ways for both hiring and for carrying out this work. 1º) The cleaner will do the cleaning of the grout manually using a specific product for grout and a brush (available only when hiring a heavy-duty service that, only includes the bathroom’’s floor grout and kitchen floor grout; or contracting as “EXTRA: GROUT CLEANING (each room under 200 Sq. ft”). 2º) Our new way of tile & grout cleaning is by hiring Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning, where we will use a professional machine to perform the cleaning (only available as an extra).

Other Services

The CEO, as an innovative idea and new challenges, decided to increase her list of services even more. With that, she created and registered Chris Cleaning providing several types of services to leave your home brand new, and bringing everything together in one only place. Over time, your house has had natural wear and tear, either due to lack of care, or lack of maintenance. If you want your house to look like new for a new tenant, or just for you own satisfaction; We at Chris Cleaning can help with most of your problems, where we will work our hardest to leave your house in the perfect condition you have requested. We offer various types of services such as: Handyman Services, Painting, Door and Windows Repair, Installing Laminate Flooring, Refinish Hardwood Floors, and Drywall Repair. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and we will be happy to answer.